Remembrance Sunday 2012 saw the laying of the traditional Wreath of Remembrance from the Parish.

This year the wreath was laid at a brand new memorial located on the back of the ‘Lourdes Grotto’.


  In October 1988 the then Parish Priest, Father Michael Murphy, was leaving the health centre in Wool when a man approached him asking him if he was ‘the R.C. Padre’. When Father confirmed this the man in question asked to become a Roman Catholic.

His name was Ron Bennett.

After being received into the Church, Ron became involved in many aspects of parish life. In 1991 together with his friend, John Ackerman, he built a memorial to commemorate the war dead. Ron sited this on the North garden wall of the priest’s house. It consisted of two paving slabs as a background with a wooden cross and figure of Christ together with a simple plaque with the words of ‘Lest We Forget’.

This Memorial stood the test of time for 21 years. By 2011 the figure of Christ had been vandalised, the cross had deteriorated and the wording had become faint.

Coincidentally in the summer of 2012 the ‘Lourdes Grotto’ opposite the back door of the church had become totally overgrown and neglected.

The grotto was built by Ron Bennett and John Ackerman. The stone was provided by a builder from Swanage who Ron had met on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. Small stones from Lourdes and Medjugorje were included in the building of the grotto.

The two statues were the personal gift from Father Michael Murphy to the parish.

The grotto was blessed and dedicated by Father Michael on Monday 25th February 1991. A time capsule containing their writings of children from St Mary’s First School was cemented into the grotto wall.

Fortunately, two parishioners, Mary & Jim Wetherill took an interest in the grotto and removed all the plant material and cleaned the stonework. A triangular stone projection that had for years proved an obstruction to any passing vehicle, was removed by Colin Baker. The grass around the grotto was re-seeded.

The now bare back wall of the grotto seemed a more appropriate and accessible site for a new memorial.

A new Celtic style cross and wreath hook were made by Spring Grove Forge, Puddletown and bronze plaque ‘Lest We Forget’ was made in Norfolk. Everything was finished in time for Remembrance Sunday 2012.


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The Faithful Departed


November 2011-2012

 Father Richard Veal

David Clarke

Joan Pearce

Peter Macklin

William (Bill) Tracey

Gerry Millington

Anthony William O’Sullivan

Joan Miller

Wilma Mulliner

David John Marsh

David Manuel

Mary Bernadette Eley

Dorothy Mitchell

Joanne Marie Palmer

John Kelly

Margaret Evans


Here are the past events that have taken place at OLQM


New Mass Setting


Parishioners have become familiar with the sung Mass setting used at St Joseph's and St Edward's churches each Sunday.

Visitors often comment and enquire about its origins.

The Purbeck MassMatthew Clarke

'The Purbeck Mass' was written by parishioner, Mathew Clarke while a music student at Chichester University in West Sussex.
Its simple melodies and recurring themes are designed to enable both small and large congregations to learn the new Mass with ease.

The setting was completed in two months in the summer of 2011. Matthew was able to test each stage with the parish choir at St Joseph's. Members of our congregation came to rehearsals culminating with an wine evening and rehearsal in St Mary's School hall.

Thanks to Michael Larkin, organist at St Joseph's, to Eileen Franklin, music director and to Father Ciarán for their support and encouragement. Also special mention to Jonathan Willcocks and Hannah Meadows who helped during the final editorial stages of the Mass.

The Purbeck Mass has been sung since the first Sunday of Advent 2011.


St Joseph's CribChristmas FlowersSt Edward's Crib




Sea Sunday FlowersSea Sunday Flowers Logo


Flower Festival 1Flower Festival 2Flower Festival 3


  **STOP PRESS £1700  raised!!! **
World Youth Day


WELL DONE FATHER CIARÁN: On Monday 30th May, in aid of World Youth Day, Father Ciarán successfully completed his Marathon run of 27 miles in style and in the fantastic time of 4½ hours!! Starting at Blandford, his route took him through Durweston, Pimperne and the Tarrant Valley finishing back at Blandford. Many thanks to all the parishioners who came to support Father and see him off and to all those who were waiting at Blandford to welcome him on his return!


Half way throughSupport TeamMarathon Route

Special thanks to Nicky Gray who ran the first 10 miles and for Andy Gray and Patrick Adkins who cycled the route with Father. Thank you to everyone for their kind wishes of support and for your sponsorship.
Sponsor money can be handed into:
Margaret Collins – Lulworth,
Angela Gray - Wool,
Dulcie Horton – Wareham or to
 Father Ciarán.


Papal Visit to Hyde Park 2010

Lily & Shirley Daveney (Sandra Housego's granddaughter & daughter) assemble our bannerOur banner!Monica Blake's daughter, Isobel, who was married at Wool, recognises our banner


*** Diamond Jubilee ! ***

union flag on parish church tower

 St Joseph's flies the Union Flag as, along with the rest of the Commonwealth, we celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Our thanks to all who prepared the splendid refreshments for our own version of a street party (in the entrance foyer!)

Our thanks also to David Willey (Wool) and Vernon Welch (Wareham) who proposed the Loyal Toast.

jubilee prayer



 Father Ciaran (front row, 2nd from right) and the Parish of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and St Joseph welcomes Sandra (2nd from left) and Erasmo (Centre) to Wool, where parishioners were entertained and informed by them of their life in Puenticitos, El Salvador, as part of the Connect2 initiative organised by CAFOD.


The Purbeck Parish Of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and St Joseph ‘connected’ with their “Connect2” partner in Puentecitos in El Salvador at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Wool on Wednesday evening. An enthusiastic gathering of about 30 parishioners extended a warm welcome to Erasmo and Sandra, who had come to England from their country in Central America, to tell us about life in their village community in the hilly region of El Salvador.

Connect2 is a new CAFOD scheme that will enable parishioners to understand the lives of ordinary people in El Salvador. Through regular updates, we will share their hopes and dreams and stand in solidarity with them as they overcome difficulties and raise money to help them build a better future. This was an initial meeting with Erasmo and Sandra, who gave a short and imaginative presentation illustrating the flavour of what life is like in Puentecitos. Most importantly their colourful presentation gave life to the charity, explaining, in a very personal sense, why donations are needed and where the money, given by us, in Dorset, goes.

Parishioners had a happy evening, including a fine spread of bread from all over the world, wine and cheese, and concluded with a cheerful sing-along (in perfect anglo-spanish) led by Colin Clare on the guitar and Bernard White on the flute.

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and St Joseph’s Parish looks forward to continuing with the “Connect2” project and receiving news and information about their partner parish in Central America.


For more information see


 The Parish of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs and St Joseph in Wool, Dorset, welcomes their “connect2” partners from El Salvador. Sandra (front left) and Erasmo (front centre), gave a spirited presentation of their life in Puenticitos in a very different part of the world. Connect2 is a CAFOD initiative which connects poor villages with more affluent parishes in UK.


THANK YOU................


MaggiesCafodCoffee02022013 006


  ....................... to all who attended, donated and supported the CAFOD Coffee Morning held on Saturday 2nd February, the terrific sum of £400 was raised and donated to CAFOD.


Special thanks to Maggie and Robin Caudell who opened their home to the parish to host this fundraising event.


 MaggiesCafodCoffee02022013 007MaggiesCafodCoffee02022013 004



On Sunday 2nd December 2012, two hundred people of all ages, attended a special service to mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Wool, Dorset.


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anthony.janejaggard.frciaranmcguinness.sally.wilfridweld a

Anthony Jaggard (architect), Jane Jaggard, Fr. Ciarán McGuinness, Sally and Wilfred Weld


music group  40th celebration mass

 Matthew Clarke with a group of musicians from Chichester University, The Royal Veterinary College and Bath University.


 fr ciaran  sculptor geoffrey teychenne ateycheneewhittlsea a



       Fr. Ciarán with Geoffrey Teychenne sculpter of the silver crucifix               Artist Adrian Whittlesea and wife Anne with Rosemary and
                                                                                                                                                                  Geoffrey Teychenn