Puentecitos primary school, El SalvadorChildren from the village of Puentecitos in El Salvador
have written a letter to children in England and Wales.

Dear friends,

We are children and teenagers of the Children’s Missionary group in Guaymango, El Salvador.  We want to tell you that we were really happy to receive the presents and cards you sent us.

Here in El Salvador the Youth Missionary Movement works with children and teenagers in many parishes.  In our group there are nine children. We meet every week to study a book with 52 topics, which takes one year to work through.  Our book is the first book called “Small Missionary Steps” and we are studying the stage called “green wheat”.

We want you to know that every week when we get together for our meetings, we pray for all the children of the world.  We study the chapter for that week and we bring something to share.  In this way, we learn to love Jesus and our brothers and sisters.  We especially want you to know that we are always praying for you.

With lots of love,
The children of Puentecitos